Seaweed Hand-Painted Tumbler Glass (set of 4)

Discover the Hand painted Tumbler Glass Collection, inspired by sea life, shells, and sea florals. Each glass is crafted with care, bringing artistic elegance and vibrant marine motifs to your table.

Please note that as our glassware is handmade and hand-painted, you may notice slight variations in size, shape and color.

Care instructions: To ensure the longevity of your Hand- Painted Glass we recommend washing them by hand with mild soap and warm water.

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      Why Crini & Sophia

      • Ethically Sourced

        We are dedicated to making this world a better place. Crini & Sophia
        is by choice a conscious brand that provides ethically made products
        across the board.

      • Artisan Made

        We collaborate with artisans from all around the world to offer a selection of limited edition luxury linen and tableware in various patterns and colours.

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