Flower Fields Forever

In collaboration with artisans from all around the world, Crini & Sophia offers a selection of limited-edition luxury linen and tableware in various patterns and colors.

The Mystical Garden Collection

Our Mystical Garden Collection, features strange, dreamy flowers that seem to have been picked straight from a magical garden.

  • Ethically Sourced

    We are dedicated to making this world a better place. Crini & Sophia is by choice a conscious brand that provides ethically made products across the board.

  • 100% Linen

    At Crini & Sophia, we use 100% linen. Renowned for its eco-friendly nature, linen demands minimal water and avoids harmful chemicals during cultivation. Its outstanding durability extends the lifespan of our products, minimizing the environmental impact. Choosing linen aligns with our commitment to both quality and sustainable practices.