About us

Crini & Sophia is a Greek homeware design brand specializing in creating unique tableware objects. From maximalist florals to traditional tapestry-inspired patterns, our designs celebrate the art of hosting. Our team collaborates closely with designers and artists worldwide to craft playful and colorful designs for your home.
The brand was born out of the founder's love for gathering the family around the table. Maya, the founder, drew inspiration from her travels and desired to share her love for color, inviting people into the enchanting world of Crini & Sophia.
We believe that beauty and sustainability can coexist, which is why we are committed to creating beautiful and environmentally responsible products. To achieve this, we only use 100% linen fabrics, the most sustainable choice for our planet.

Behind the name 

The name Crini & Sophia is a combination of Maya’s daughters' names, Christina, Eirini, and Sophia. However, it's more than just a name; it reflects our values and commitment to family, togetherness, and creating a better world for our children and future generations.
Maya, as a mother, wanted to create a brand that would not only reflect her love for her family but also  promote ethical and sustainable solutions for the planet.

C&S and artists

At Crini & Sophia, we value the great work of fellow artists and artisans worldwide. That's why we enjoy traveling and learning about various techniques of craftsmanship. We love meeting new artists and artisans who share our love for tablescaping and are enthusiastic about creating exceptional pieces for the table.  Each of these gifted individuals brings their own personal touch to our collections.